Sintered Stone Ashwood Dining Table and Chair Set for 4


Sintered Stone Ashwood Dining Table and Chair Set for 4

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Sintered Stone Ashwood Dining Table and Chair Set for 4. Marble color Top, black color legs. Extendable function, capable for 4-6 people, elegant and stylish design is perfectly for any dining room.

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Simple & Young Collection focuses on product design and quality. Our designers search around the world to find the best materials and meticulous designs. Our goal is to provide fashionable and high-quality furniture for every consumer who can enjoy a comfortable life every day. The dining table is one of the indispensable furniture in the family. Dinner or festive events can gather all family members, so high-quality and durable dining tables and chairs are very important. Sintered stone Ashwood dining table and chair set is one of your ideal choices. Sintered stone is one of the most durable materials. Ashwood is one of the best solid woods. The two materials are combined to make the dining table and chair, making it more luxurious and elegant. If the space of the restaurant is not large enough, this table is very suitable for you. The expandable function can help and accommodate more people during the event. It is easy and flexible to expand or close according to your needs. This dining table and chair set is very suitable for apartments, apartments and small spaces.

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Weight143 lbs
Dimensions126 × 98 × 84 cm



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Product Details

  • Table Top : Sintered Stone
  • Frame Material : Ashwood
  • Chair Material : Ashwood
  • Capacity : 4-6 peoples
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Sintered Stone – Study and durable
  • Ashwood – Best solid wood
  • Ashwood Chair – 4 chairs included
  • Extendable function – Dining table is extendable
  • Fashionable design – The color and design are elegant and deluxe