About Us


Simple and Young Collection was founded by 2 young people. Both of them are from the grassroots. After graduating from school, they started working. Like many ethnic groups, they were from the basic level, strive everyday to achieve the goals. Along with time flew, they learned a lot from their work and began to think about how to start another stage, which is to do what they want and build their own brand.

Work could be tough but life should be simple. They believe the first thing to go home after getting off work is to relax and rest on the sofa.

Apartment in the city is very expensive, which for many families , means limited space. Therefore sofa is very important furniture in the house. To have a comfortable sofa suitable for small spaces, not only saves room, but also converts into other functions for life convenience. Their mission is to help every consumer can enjoy every day comfort and valuable through the sofa and sofa bed.